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We connect businesses within the hospitality industry with experienced freelancers for flexible shifts lasting a day to a month.

Our service responds to businesses’s need for flexibility and the need of freedom and recognition for freelancers.

The best freelancers

Instantly find the best freelancers of the industry without having to look for them. Brigad takes care of everything, including invoicing and payment.

The best shifts

Receive shift proposals specifically tailored to your skills and experience.
You choose the shifts you want to work.

A community of independent experts in their field.

The skill diversity & industry experience of Brigad’s employees, combined with the successful coordination of hundreds of thousands of shifts, provide our teams with a perfect understanding of the different jobs across the industry and deep insights into the issues that businesses are facing. As a result, the freelancers working through the platform are all vetted, experienced workers. Gain access to all of the experience necessary to meet your needs and demands with Brigad.

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Thousands of businesses, hotels, restaurants & bars

10,000 freelancers experts in their fields

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Brigad is available in France and in the UK. We often launch our service in new cities.