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A flexible way of working

“Work your way” Four years ago, we laid the foundations of a model that is now empowering more than 10.000 independent professionals to “work their way”. Thousands of businesses across France, Europe and the UK put their trust in us to connect them instantly to the best professionals for punctual shifts.

It was a gamble with deep convictions: opening the world of independent work to those whose never thought of working freelance before.

Even though we could say that different personal experiences led us to focus on the hospitality industry, we are now willing to help and support independent professionals from other industries like healthcare, retail, agriculture …

We are proud to support this new generation of self-employed professionals, who, thanks to technology, have easier access to a network of businesses and shifts, paid fairly and whose skills are in high demand.

Brigad's founders

Florent Malbranche Co-founder & CEO


Jean Lebrument Co-founder & CTO/CPO

Brigad's story
January 2016

BRIGAD was founded by Florent Malbranche and Jean Lebrument.

May 2016

BRIGAD wins #UberPITCH 2016.

November 2017

Launch of Brigad in Lyon, France

April 2018

Brigad decided to launch in the UK and opens the London office.

April 2019

The service is available in Bordeaux, Lille and Marseille.

October 2019

Launch of new cities in France and in the UK (Manchester and Edinburgh).

December 2019

Brigad continues exporting internationally and starts operating in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

March 2020

Brigad opens its service to other services (retail, supermarkets, agriculture, healthcare).

Brigad in Europe