Brigad dans la presse.

Solidarity: How to Support French Producers?

Brigad, the platform for supply and demand in the hotel and catering industry, has made its technology available: a tool adapted to a built relationship that counts more than 10,000 qualified freelancers ready to take up the challenge.

How Brigad supports the self-employed in the hotel and catering industry

On Sunday 15 March, Brigad set up an internal support fund for its "most active" members, who make the equivalent of half a day thanks to the platform (...) Exceptional circumstances are pushing Brigad to diversify: the start-up has stepped up its efforts to make its services known to clinics, hospitals or specialised establishments looking for kitchen staff, but also to supermarkets - discussions are under way with several brands.

How can restaurants help them?

Listen to Florent Malbranche on Europe 1 in "La France bouge" (23:50) to discover Brigad's initiatives and commitments to support professionals in the sector in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

Inside Brigad

Report on the startup Brigad, specialized since 2016 in connecting qualified freelancers with companies in the hotel and catering sector.

Brigad and Unilever Food Solutions

Brigad, the first specialised service enabling professionals in the hotel and catering industry to find qualified staff on demand [...]

Brigad increased its turnover by 10 times in 2017.

Brigad makes it possible to respond to a heatstroke, an absence, or even to anticipate staff changes in advance [...]

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