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Your rota tool to optimise staffing costs


As you all prepare to re-open your businesses, your focus undoubtedly concentrates around keeping your costs down whilst not compromising your service levels. With this in mind the team at Brigad have created a rota tool to help you understand the cost to your business and optimise your staffing levels for your peak periods. It might even help you define what your staff needs are and utilise solutions like Brigad to top up the team on those peaks.

➡️ Defining your budget 💰

Firstly you'll need to draw up a HR plan to help you navigate what might be restrictive trading environments. Sit that alongside your financial forecasts to help you calculate what your weekly wage bill budget will be. Once you have this figure you can input it on the tool to determine how you’ll allocate your workforce.

📍Advice from Johan, UK country manager: When planning your approach to staff it's important to consider your business priorities such as cash flow and surviving this crisis. This is critical to keep as many people employed across the sector as possible, long term, big picture thinking is what will help you to define the size and scope of your current teams. Utilising partners such as Brigad can be very efficient at ensuring your service levels do not drop in peaks of trade as and when they are allowed. Finally, diversification is a tool we have spoken about before and can be done by ensuring you keep diverse skill sets within your business.

📍 Advice from Sarah, finance controller at Brigad: The British government has announced several financial support measures to help you go through the crisis: Relief on business rates, Business support grants , The Bounce Back Loan Scheme that helps SME to borrow from £2000 up to £50.000 and finally the Furlough Scheme has been extended until October, check if you can apply.

➡️ Your rota tool to help manage staff & costs

  • Save time
  • Keep track of expenses
  • Stay under budget
  • Coordinate internal & external staff efficiently

In this unpredictable period, it’s important to consider different scenarios. This easy to use rota tool quickly works out your costs through different combinations of internal & external staff. Simply make a copy below, read the User Guide in the first tab and forecast away.